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Frequently Asked Questions

Does BCA require participation in fundraisers?

No. For the 2022-23 school year, Bethel Christian Academy will not require participation in fundraisers. We will reassess fundraisers prior to the 2023-24 school year. From time to time, classes and groups may conduct optional fundraisers for specific projects or programs. For more information about our fundraisers, click here.

How do I enroll my child in BCA?

Admissions and Enrollment are completed online through our website. Parents create an account, then submit an Application Packet for approval along with a non-refundable $50 fee. Once accepted, an Enrollment Packet will be made available. The Enrollment Packet is then completed and submitted with an enrollment fee of $100. All incoming students will required to either take an entrance exam or submit standardized test scores and/or report cards prior to acceptance (except Pre-K). Bethel Christian Academy does not discriminate in its admissions criteria or its programs on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin.


Is Bethel Christian Academy sponsored by a church?

Bethel Christian Academy is a ministry of Bethel Christian Assembly of God Church. You can find out more information about the church and its ministries at

Must a student attend Bethel Christian church?

Though we are a ministry of Bethel Christian church, we admit students from any denomination or religious background willing to cooperate and abide by the policies and procedures of Bethel Christian Academy. Our Statement of Faith expresses our focus and objective in Christian education. Bethel Christian Academy has students from different denominations representing many different churches throughout Cuyahoga, Lorain, and Medina counties. 

Is BCA affiliated with any organizations?

Yes. BCA is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International. ACSI, as it is commonly known, offers us the opportunity to participate in various activities such as speech meets, art and music festivals, Math Olympics, and spelling bees. BCA students earn many top honors in each of these events. ACSI also offers our administration and faculty workshops and seminars for their professional growth and development, as well as keeping each member school informed of educational and pertinent legislative news.

Is Bethel Christian Academy chartered by the state of Ohio?

Yes, the Ohio State Board of Education has awarded a non-public school charter to BCA upon meeting ODE’s educational requirements. Since BCA’s beginning in 1978, BCA has been dedicated to providing an excellent academic program. The best way to show the community that we are an established school offering a quality education is to use a charter status. 

By becoming chartered, does the state interfere with your choice of textbooks or your religious convictions?

No. We are free to select and use the textbooks and other materials that we choose to use. The state does not interfere, nor do they dictate to us how much time, or in what manner we interject our Christian faith and principles into the curriculum. 


What qualifications must a teacher have to teach at Bethel Christian Academy?

Each teacher must be a born-again Christian and have earned a four-year degree from an accredited college or university. All of our teachers hold valid Ohio teaching licenses or non-tax certificates through the Ohio Department of Education.

What are people saying about Bethel Christian Academy?

I am a parent and I have two girls that attend BCA and I could not be more impressed with the school, teachers, and loving Christian Environment. The teachers went above and beyond to with both my girls and the principal is doing great things to make BCA stand out among Christian schools. I have two more kids that I cannot wait for them to have the opportunity to attend Bethel Christian Academy. It is a little hidden gem in Parma, Ohio!!


- Parent of current students

This was our first year at BCA and we love it!! Before deciding on Bethel Christian Academy we researched many Christian schools around the area. We have two children at BCA and they love going to school!! The teachers and staff are incredible, they love our children and their jobs. The Godly character they instill in our children is amazing. We also love the sports and extracurricular activities they offer. The new principal is making advancements with academics and technology. I was a public school teacher for 12 years and I am glad I chose to send my children to BCA. There are many things that a private school can do differently and that is a blessing. We look forward to sending our younger two children to Bethel Christian Academy!!

- Parents of current students

Bethel Christian Academy is wonderful school. The principal is the most wonderful person you would ever want to meet. The teachers are kind, compassionate and really care about all the children. The Christian perspective is wonderful and provides a loving framework for everything at BCA. The academics are wonderful and the children are taught well, especially compared to public school. My children are very happy at BCA and have thrived there. I could not recommend this school highly enough. It is fabulous!


- Parents of current students

We absolutely LOVE Bethel Christian Academy! My husband and I take our children's spiritual growth and education very seriously and we are so pleased with this school! They put Christ first and exhibit Christian character in all that they do. The teachers are so loving to the students and they make learning fun! It is a happy environment and feels like a close, connected family. The students receive an excellent education based on Biblical principles. Because of my husband's job we have moved around a lot. We have been in 4 private, Christian schools in the last 4 years. So, we have a lot to compare to and we think BCA is amazing! We have heard wonderful things about the previous principal but the new principal brings a fresh new vision that is really exciting! But, one of the most impressive things about BCA is the quality of the students. Not only do they pray daily in the classrooms but they worship together and pray for each other in their weekly chapel services. The students are called to a higher level of excellence in everything they do and they are living up to it! We prayerfully decided to send our children to BCA and we are so glad we did! And you will be too!                

- Parents of current students

The staff/ teachers/ principal at this school are wonderful people. They are kind, caring, flexible and above all they are good to my child and accepting of his differences and to me that is the most important thing.

- Parents of a current student



This school is amazing! I have two children currently enrolled. This school has truly become family to me. All the teachers and staff love and care about each of the children. Everything is taught from a Christian perspective and in this crazy world we need that. I encourage anyone to tour the school and see what they have to offer. If they had a high school, we would never leave!

- Parents of current students

Exceeded our expectations . . . “Several factors made B.C.A. the best choice for our daughters’ grade school education: 1) the positive Christian environment made possible by the loving, dedicated teachers and staff, combined with academically challenging Bible-based curriculum 2) consistent striving for life-changing character building and academic excellence. Bethel Christian Academy has exceeded all of our expectations in all areas. It truly stands alone as one of the finest schools in the city.” 

- Parents of former students

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