In order to provide our students with an excellent education, we strive to make some of the latest technology available to our students as well! Each grade has a weekly technology class as well as our students being surrounded by technology within their regular classroom!



Interactive Technology

Our Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms are equipped with SmartBoards. A SmartBoard is like having a gigantic touch screen computer on the wall of each classroom! Both students and teachers can write, draw, highlight, and so much more. First through eights grade classrooms as well as our media room are equipped with 65" interactive televisions. They are the next generation in Smart Interactive Technology.

In addition, we recently purchased a ClassVR system, which will bring virtual reality capabilities into our classrooms.



There is a class set of laptop computers in our media center that is used for each classes technology class as well as for projects, research, or whatever teachers can think of! In addition, every student in 3rd through 8th grade is assigned a laptop to use for classroom assignments and special projects.


BCA also has an Ipad cart that contains more than a class set that can be used by any classroom. Most students have used Ipads before, which allows for great opportunities for learning on these familiar devices.


Each classroom has access to a class set of LearnPads that they can use at any time. LearnPads are tablets equipped software specifically designed for education. With over 600 free apps, the ability to upload lessons, and internet access, the possibilities are endless. Most elementary classrooms also have 1-2 LearnPads that they use during centers or free time to allow students to really enjoy learning!



3D Printing

Another addition for the 2017-18 school year was a 3D Printer for use in our middle school Art and Graphic Design classes.

STEM Robotics Club

Fourth grade and up had the opportunity to join our STEM Club,
which in conjunction with LEGO Education is working on building
a robot, which will complete tasks in competition with other
schools later this school year