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Sports Programs


Our goal at Bethel Christian Academy is to help every child become the best version of their self.  Part of that development is physical and athletic development and we strive to help every student reach their maximum potential in those areas.  We offer programs to help each student have the opportunity to grow to be healthy, active, and confident in all that God has created them for.  We believe God has given everyone gifts and abilities so we seek to help each child recognize and develop those skills throughout their years at BCA.  Our Physical Education program covers multiple sports and activities that can help each student discover these strengths as well as grow in their ability to participate at a high level and enjoy exercising in these ways.  The focus here is not only on talent development but on sports education, discovering new ways to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, and learning to encourage and empower others as Christ would lead us to do.  God created us to live to our full potential and live in relationship with others as a team so our focus in all athletic areas is to develop teamwork and an excitement to grow and develop.  

These lessons continue to be developed from Preschool
through 8th grade and are expanded upon with our
sports programs.

Sports We Offer: 

  • Soccer (4th - 6th grade) 

  • Volleyball (6th - 8th grade girls) 

  • Basketball (4th - 6th and 7th - 8th grade) 

  • Bowling Club (3rd - 8th grade) 

Current Sports:

Volleyball - Click for schedule.

Practicing now, games starting soon:

Soccer (4th-6th)

The purpose of these teams is to represent our school with Christ-like character and continue to develop a relational teamwork style of living that keeps the focus off of the self and on the team as a whole.  Ephesians 4:16 reminds us that God makes the whole body fit together perfectly.  We all have gifts and strengths that we bring together "so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love." 


Our sports and athletic programs are led by teachers and parents.  We all come together as a community to share the load of the work that goes into the season and together ensure these things move forward as smoothly as possible.  This further instills the teamwork we teach for our students and ensures the sports seasons are enjoyable for all and not too much for any small group of parents.  Our coaches are also challenged to lead as Christ leads and represent our school as ambassadors of Christ.  


The Lord has blessed us with our earthly temples so we at BCA strive to develop our selves and use our bodies to serve Christ through our talents and strength.  

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