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Parent Connect empowers parents to connect with God, family and school. We want to help you by providing resources and a safe space to explore and discuss parenting in today's
world. We work to provide information and opportunities to the parents of BCA students!

2022-2023 Schedule

BCA Summer Challenge 2023!  

  1. Pick one thing a week to do together as a family! You can eat a meal, get ice cream, watch a movie, sit outside, go for a walk, ANYTHING! I’m not going to count how many weeks there are in summer, but it’s a lot of opportunities to do something together! If you want to share it use #bcasummerchallenge23 to show off what you’re doing - or tag us or email us! We cannot wait to see what is happening! 

  2. This part is more of an everyday part! I want us as a BCA family to be in the Word of God TOGETHER! I’m including the link to a Bible reading plan. This is 40 days through the New Testament. Each day, we’ll read a few chapters and make it from Matthew to Revelation together over the summer! If you follow this link, we can follow the same plan. We will start reading on June 5. If you use the YouVersion Bible App, look Mrs. Burnett (Natalie Burnett). We will have a group together there as well. Keep us posted and let us know how you are doing! 


September 19     Steps for a Successful School Year - Jeremy & Natalie Burnett
Resources: Slides

October 17     Anxiety and Depression in Kids - Cara Rasor, LPC
Resources: Handouts   Slides   Video

November 17     Trauma in Kids - Ty Morgan, LISW-S
Resources: Slides   Video

December     Family Service Project - Reverse Advent Food Drive

January 19      Mama Bear Apologetics Book Study, 6:00-7:00PM
& Family Worship Night, 7:00-8:00PM

February 16     Discipling Kids
- Pastor Edgar Santos
Resources:      Handout   Slides   Video

March 20        Parenting with Personalities - Mary Meyer and Natalie Burnett
Handout 1   Handout 2   Video

May 23           FAMILY FUN NIGHT was amazing! We can't wait to do it again next year!                          Click here to see some pictures on our Facebook page.

Let us know if you'd like to buy a copy of the book for $15.

Join us for our Mama Bear Apologetics Book Discussions from 6:00-800PM. Not just for Mamas! Any adult in the life of a BCA student can benefit from these discussions!

January 19

Ch. 1 - Calling All Mama Bears - My kid has a cheerio shoved up his nose. Why am I reading this book?

Ch. 2 - How to Be a Mama Bear - Is this code fo
r being the weirdest mom on the playground?

February 27

Ch. 3 - The Discerning Mama Bear - The refined art of "chew and spit".
Ch. 4 - Linguistic Theft - Redefining words to get your way and avoid reality.
Part 2: Lies You've Probably Heard but Didn't Know What They Were Called

Ch. 5 - God Helps Those Who Help Themselves - Self-Helpism

March 30 
Ch. 6 - My Brain Is Trustworthy...According to My Brain - Naturalism
7 - I'd Believe in God If There Were Any Shred of Evidence - Skepticism
h. 8 - The Truth Is, There Is No Truth - Postmodernism

April 24
Ch. 9 - You're Wrong to Tell Me I'm Wrong! - Moral Relativism

Ch. 10 - Follow Your Heart - It Never Lies! - Emotionalism
Ch. 11 -
Just Worship Something - Pluralism

May 16
Ch. 13 - Communism Failed Because Nobody Did It Right! - Marxism

Ch. 14 - The Future Is Female - Feminism
Ch. 15 - Christianity Needs a Makeover - Progressive Christianity
Final Words of Encouragement

Ch. 16 - How to take all this information and go #RoarLikeAMother

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