Bethel Christian Academy holds two mandatory fundraisers throughout the school year. These fundraisers provide the "Gap Scholarship," the difference between BCA’s low tuition and the actual costs of operating BCA, which benefits all of our students. From time to time, classes and groups may also conduct optional fundraisers for specific projects or programs. 

#1 - Candy Sale


With the awesome participation from our BCA students and parents, this month-long fall fundraiser helps BCA raise over $5,000! The students who elected to participate in the Candy Sale were granted the benefit of participating in a day of fun at Kalahari in the spring. 



#2 - Golf Scramble


In May, BCA holds a golf scramble at Cherokee Hills Golf Course in Valley City. Students send out some letters, people make donations, and golfers golf. This is by far our biggest fundraiser! We hope that you will be able to bring a team and take part this year! If you do not golf, you can still participate in other ways. Call Jodi in the office for more information.


Optional Fundraisers


Ink Cartridges and Cell Phones for Cash

Thanks to everyone who has donated cartridges and cell phones this year! Monies raised through this donation helps to keep the BCA office and teaching staff stocked with office supplies and also helps keep our purchasing cost low. Any cartridge with a print head can be recycled, regardless of the brand or type (exception-Epson)! If you have any that you would like to donate…we’ll take ‘um! Please bring them to the BCA office and a local company will give us between $2 to $8 for each cartridge turned in. This same company is also willing to give us money for cell phones. 


Box Tops for Education

Cut ‘em…Clip ‘em…Tear ‘em off…Save ‘em… but just be sure to COLLECT THEM is what we tell our BCA students! These simple fundraisers help BCA to buy balls, jump ropes and other fun stuff for recess. Most school years our BCA students bring in over 26,000 Campbell’s Labels! The successful Box Tops for Education Program provided BCA with $1,400, the Tyson Project A+ brought in another $64.00, the Giant Eagle Apples for Students brought over 600 points which purchased more balls, jump ropes and recess equipment and Target and Gordon Food Services has provided BCA with over $100 extra dollars quarterly! We couldn’t have done it without the help of our BCA students and families (grandparents play a big part in these fundraisers)! To make this fundraiser more fun, we also hold monthly contests with prizes for the classes that bring in the most or meet a monthly goal. 


Jeans Days

Every Thursday throughout the school year students have the option to wear jeans and t-shirts to school instead of their uniform if they pay $1. Money raised through this optional fundraiser goes to offset the cost of the 8th grade Washington, D.C. trip.  


Butter Braid Sale

Middle school students sell Butter Braids each fall to raise money for the 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. Last year, enough money was raised to allow students to go to D.C. for 4 days completely free of charge! We hope to be able to raise enough money through Jeans Days to go for free every year, but this fundraiser provides students with the option to raise money toward their own trip in the event that the money raised elsewhere is not enough to cover the trip. 

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