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Bethel Christian Academy offers the choice of full or half-day programs. Academics are taught in the morning. Pre-Kindergarten at Bethel Christian Academy is licensed, governed, and fully accredited by the Ohio Department of Education. We meet or exceed the Ohio Department of Education's Pre- Kindergarten standards. We use the ABeka curriculum for the Pre-K program. The Bible lessons are supplemented with the ACSI curriculum and a children's Bible. The program is designed to prepare the student for BCA Kindergarten.



In our Bible lessons we learn stories Genesis to Revelation. We have special projects to go with most Bible lessons. We also integrate the Bible into our other academic lessons. The most special ones are when we integrate the new life in Christ compared to the new life we see in our caterpillar as it comes out of its chrysalis to its new life as a butterfly. Every day we recite our weekly Bible memory verse. We review the meaning of these verses during the week. We incorporate prayer throughout the day.



Students learn counting and order of numbers 1-20 early in the year. We also count using the calendar each day. The number chart 0-100 helps us learn the number families. The ABeka curriculum provides counting, and formation of numbers 1-20. We use a number line in class when earning class stars for good corporate behavior.



Weather is shared every day corporately along with the seasons. We use weather charts and sing songs appropriate for the current weather and season. Our science themes throughout the year are: oral hygiene, healthy eating, hand washing, body care, and plants. Our main exciting science project is the caterpillar to butterfly habitat. Pre-K students will see the transformation from caterpillars to chrysalis and finally to butterflies. Pre-K students observe, feed and when ready, take the butterflies outside to release them. Pre-K students are taken to the science lab at times for science activities.


Social Studies

Social skills are taught throughout the day. We teach the children appropriate friendship skills and good character skills. We learn to celebrate national and religious holidays. This allows us to teach historical events while we celebrate.


Language Arts (Phonics / Reading & Language):

The children will recognize, formulate and learn the sound of each letter. They will attain these skills and learn to blend the consonants with the vowels to make words. We then use these skills to our Literacy and Language centers that typically begins after Christmas break. Language development and listening skills that include color words, shapes, animals, transportation, countries, community helpers, health, safety, manners, and science.



Throughout the school year students uses a variety of medium: pencils, crayon, markers, paint, construction paper, scissors, glue and other creative objects with difference textures. Students color and cut regularly. Once a week they have an art project that gives them the opportunity to learn to follow directions and to use their fine motor skills.



To prepare the students for Kindergarten, we visit our campus technology center where the students will learn basic computer skills. They are taught proper turn on and shut down skills, use of the mouse and keyboard, access the internet where we they play appropriate skill level games, and learn to type their name and use the printer. Pre-K students also visit the 3rd grade class where the students use the Smart Board with their reading buddies.

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