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1st Grade



Bethel Christian Academy uses ABeka and Shurley English for the First Grade curriculum. First Grade teaches a firm foundation primarily in arithmetic skills and language arts with Biblical truths. Other subjects are taught to enhance the students' educational knowledge. This curriculum builds solidly on the previous Kindergarten knowledge. The use of books, workbook pages, and hands-on activities takes students from practice to mastery knowledge.



Bethel Christian Academy uses curriculum designed by the Association of Christian Schools International. Bible stories are taught from Genesis to Revelation with the greatest emphasis on Jesus Christ. Weekly scripture memorization, workbook activities, weekly Chapel services, missions, worship and prayer are also experienced. Students are taught that Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life learning about their great and loving Heavenly Father and knowing they are a child of The King of Kings with an empowerment through His Holy Spirit. Character development is taught through the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.



First Grade uses a solid foundation of absolute truths, teaches skills in addition, subtraction, problem solving, money, geometry, clock, fractions, measurements, temperature, graphs, calendars, and the metric system. Workbook pages and hands on activities enhance this learning process.


Science and Health

In Science First Grade looks at the world God has created. The students examine topics about the body, animals, insects, plants, seasons, magnetism and simple machines. These discoveries are made through books, workbook pages and the science lab for most hands on activities.

In Health, First Grade looks at the wonderful "me" that God has made. The students learn about their body and the importance of taking care it through good nutrition, exercise, and safety. Emphasis is also given on how to treat others through good manners at home, school, church and public places.


Social Studies

First Grade discovers the world God has created through its people. We start by learning about our country through its symbols, freedoms, presidents, growth, and changes through history with communication and travel. The students also learn about the communities around the world with interesting facts, famous places and flags. Geography skills, are also practiced.


Language Arts

READING / PHONICS: First Grade uses a logical phonics system to empower the students' development of their reading skills. The reading books help students' to practice these phonics skills through decoding, fluency, and expression. As the year progresses the students move into story comprehension and short plays. The stories include Christian character development.


SPELLING / VOCABULARY: First Grade uses the phonics system to develop memorization skills of spelling patterns. Weekly use of a spelling book and activities helps the learning process. Recognition of spelling words helps students' in their reading and writing skills.


LANGUAGE: Using ABeka and Shurley English, first grade lays a foundation of language through grammar and creative writing skills in the development of the students' written communication. Sentence writing is practiced through the use of the parts of speech. Next progression of paragraph writing is developed.



First Grade uses the ABeka Phonics and Writing program and practices the alphabet, phonics patterns, words, and sentences to master their written communication skills on a daily basis throughout the year.



Students are given experiences to create projects in programs of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Publisher. These projects are related to classroom subject matter and are learned step by step in our computer lab. It gives students a wonderful opportunity to gain computer experience and apply their knowledge to technology.

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